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© Alberto Salvador @ Salvador Fashion & Creative Hairstyles COLLECTION

© Alberto Salvador @ Salvador Fashion & Creative Hairstyles

Mauro Situra

capello medio, capello mosso, capello raccolto, colpi di sole, medium hair, wavy hair, tied back, highlights


capelli colorati, capelli mossi, capelli lunghi, acconciatura raccolta,colored hair, wavy hair, long hair, thoughtful hairstyle

Adrien Kubik

capelli lunghi, capelli ricci, crespi, m?ches oro, long hair, curly hair, fuzz, golden m?ches

Colin McAndrew @ Medusa

capelli corti, capelli mossi, taglio scalato, frangia, mches, short hair, wavy hair, layering cut, bangs, mches

Maggie Semaan

capelli lunghi, capelli lisci, ciuffo, mches bionde, long hair, tied back, sweep to the side, blond mches

Jonathan Turner @ Hooker & Young

capelli medi, capelli mossi, taglio scalato, frangia, mches viola, mches rosse, medium hair, straight hair, layering cut, bangs, violet mches, red mches

Alessia Solidani

capelli biondi, capelli a caschetto, carr, pettinatura con ciuffo laterale, capelli con riga di lato, pettinatura con riga laterale, capelli vaporosi, blonde hair, bobbed hair, carr, combing with forelock side, hair with parted on the side, combing with side parting, fluffy hair,


acconciatura geometrica, coda alta, coda alta lunga, coda alta cotonata, coda alta eccentrica, coda alta teatrale, coda alta plastica, coda alta argento, acconciatura teatrale, acconciatura cotonata, acconciatura eccentrica, acconciatur raccolta, geometric hairstyle, high tail, long pony tail held high, pony tail high backcombed, high pony tail eccentric theatrical high pony tail, high pony tail plastic, high pony tail silver, theatrical hairstyle, backcombed hairstyle, eccentric hairstyle, hairstyle

Antonio Palladino

capelli lunghi, capelli lisci, taglio scalato, mches bionde, long hair, straight hair, layering cut, blond mches


capelli biondi, capelli lisci, capelli lunghi raccolti di lato, capelli lisci raccolti di lato, acconciatura particolare, blond hair, straight hair, long hair tied to the side, straight hair collected from the side, special hairstyle

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